SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is essentiel for any online business, but good SEO starts with a system that supports good SEO practices

Real-time editing is a tool that will allow you to be able to browse your website and simply point and click to edit content in real-time

Unique mobile experience We can customize the look and feel of your website across a growing range of phone and tablet devices

Access on-the-go Keep an eye on your business performance from across the globe

Integrated site search engine will help visitors find what they are looking for, easier and faster

Self-help annoucements & FAQs Every business has new items, press releases, and questions that visitors are constantly asking. We can turn your website into a 24-hour self-service center, saving valuable time answering customer emails or phone calls

Capture customer leads Every customer action - from web form submissions to online store orders - can automatically be captured in your CM database

Live feed of customer activity From online store orders to blog comments, forum posts to contact forms, member activity to email marketing - it’s all tracked and listed to give you a complete view of customer behaviour

Centrally manage cases, orders and more A feature that allows you to manage customers contact details, web form submissions, eCommerce orders, online subscriptions and more, from your centralized Admin Console - simplifying workflows and saving time

Today’s visitors are not contended with text information and images. They are looking for interaction in a website to keep their mind stimulated. A truly well designed website can turn into a strong marketing tool, the primary objective of which is to accentuate your company's identity, thus enabling you to differentiate from your competition and making your business succeed in a highly competitive environment.

People, who browse the web, look at hundreds of websites and only an eye-catching look can make them want to stay on your website for a few more seconds. After that only an easy navigation and well-organized content can encourage them to stay longer and to come back again and again.

We build powerful business websites and online stores with an all-in-one hosted solution which provides intuitive yet powerful tools.  

Here are some of the many available features & tools that can be integrated into your website:


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